School districts in SC enacting mask mandates, defying state laws


YORK COUNTY, S.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – Local school districts in South Carolina are enacting mask mandates despite a state budget provision prohibiting them to do so.

“Within two weeks of school, we have over 800 students that are missing school due to quarantine,” York School District 1 Superintendent Kelly Coxe said to parents in a video on the district website. 

The District 1 dashboard says 100 students have already tested positive for COVID-19 and over 170 are isolated.

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“Thus, our decision by implementing a mask requirement, we’re able to continue to use the 3 ft radius as opposed to expanding to the 6 ft radius we can limit the number of quarantines that we have,” Coxe said. 

But York parent Jami Waters doesn’t think masks will help.

“Simply put, it doesn’t work. I mean if masks work wouldn’t we be out of this mess by now?” she told FOX 46. She has three children in the York School District 1 system. 

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“It really worries me because I have one child with asthma and another one with autism who is in the special needs program. The 15-year-old, he wears it, but we have fought skin and nose infections all last year because of those things, we changed them frequently,” Waters said. 

Her 11-year-old Micah has nonverbal autism and sensory processing disorders. She says mask requirements singles children like him out because of their inability to keep the mask on.

Superintendent Coxe says with the masks, the district can reduce the number of days spent in quarantine to 10 days.

“But I’m asking you to help us, we do have the common goal of keeping our children in school,” she said. 


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