NCDHHS $100 COVID-19 summer incentive cards end, health officials call the program a success


GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — Tuesday marked the last day of North Carolina’s $100 summer card program that has been used as an incentive to get people to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

The program gave vaccine recipients $100 and drivers bringing people to get vaccines $25.

Officials with the NC Department of Health & Human Services say the program was a success, with around 60% of the state’s adult population fully vaccinated.

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In the past week alone, over 10,000 people got the vaccine, and over 3,000 were compensated.

The state health department did a survey asking the community if the incentive cards were a driving factor behind them getting their vaccine. Senior Policy and Intergovernmental Affairs Advisor for NCDHHS, Hattie Gawande says, “41 percent said the summer program was an important reason for their vaccination.”

She goes on to say, “in the first week after we switched to paying 100 dollars for the first dose, we saw a 98 percent increase in vaccine recipients at some of our largest providers. So it was very popular, and we know a lot of people were only able to go and get the shot because they were being compensated.”

While the $100 incentive ends today, the state health department tells 9OYS they will continue to implement new strategies and pathways to vaccination. Especially as the delta variant makes it’s way across our communities.


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