Residents say Taft Homes are unlivable



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PEORIA (WEEK) – Peoria Taft Homes were scheduled for a rebuild because the buildings were rundown, but current residents had to relocate for that to happen.

Direna Gardner lived in a home that would be remodeled. She was offered a new home that was also located in Taft, but when she went to check out the new place, she saw mold and maggots.

“Would you let your mama live like is? We are humans. All I’m yelling for is respect and a reasonable place to live,” Gardner said. “That mold, the maggots, and it’s not safe. I’m just gone leave it at that. We in the Taft, I just want y’all to make it livable.”

Direna said the taft home she lived in was also not up to par with healthy living standards, but she said the new home she was asked to move in was worse. She didn’t think it would be ready in time for her family to safely move in.

“I’m going to worry because I got kids and I know it’s not going to be done it’s going to take a miracle for it to be done,” Gardner said.

Tonya Johnson lived on the row that Direna was meant to move on. She said she agreed that the homes were not livable.

“From the experience of the people that i knew lived in those apartment they weren’t livable for her to be moved into in the first place.”

Both Johnson and Gardner called for the Peoria Housing Authority to put tenants up in hotels until the renovations were done.

The housing authority disagreed about the homes livability.

Jackie L. Newman was the CEO of the Peoria Housing Authority, she said “we certainly encourage our families to call the work order systems and we will process work orders. Again we’re not expecting or should we have families living in conditions that are unlivable.”

Tuesday night a group of activists protested against the living conditions in Taft Homes.

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