Neighbors shocked after ‘innocent’ man killed in I-85 road rage


CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46) – An accused road rage killer is in jail charged with killing a 58-year-old man who did nothing wrong, according to police.

Officers shut down a major interstate and walked side by side searching for evidence to lead them to an accused road rage killer Saturday night.

“It’s an absolute tragedy to know that that happened here locally right around the corner,” said Carlie Halstead, the victim’s neighbor.

Suspect arrested in deadly shooting on I-85 near Statesville Ave.

Halstead’s neighbor, 58-year-old Carleton Cartier, was shot and killed while he was just driving down I-85.

Police say he was an innocent victim, killed by a stranger who got mad about something Cartier did while he was driving.

“We get our fair share of road rage incidents, most of them do not end in something as tragic as this, this is not common,” said Major Cecil Brisbon with CMPD.

On Saturday, the night of the interstate murder, police say they tracked down 24-year-old Kevin Jordan and the car they say he was in when he killed Cartier.

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But investigators say Jordan didn’t stop when they tried to pull him over, so they started chasing him. Jordan jumped out of the car and ran, but police caught him and arrested him for first-degree murder.

“It does make me angry that people respond to violence that way instead of figuring out a solution, slowing down the brakes and just moving on with the day. I don’t know what that 24-year-old has going on that would constitute or justify such road rage and a murder,” said Halstead.

She is devastated that her neighbor was killed and worried for every driver on the road.

“There are people that cannot control themselves, cannot control their actions. It makes me concerned for my mom or for other friends and family members.”

Jordan is due in court tomorrow for a first appearance.

Earlier this year, CMPD issued a warning about road rage. As of April, they had already investigated 40 incidents and made ten arrests, including at least one other murder.


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