Kansas City area utility crews heading south to help with Hurricane Ida recovery


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — After Hurricane Ida shredded rooftops and toppled power lines in the New Orleans area, experts are estimating it could be up to three weeks before power is restored to the one-million residents still in the dark.

As a result, a whole host of relief operations is underway between humanitarian and utility crews in the Kansas City metro.

Evergy will send 100 distribution linemen with management and support to assist in the recovery effort. Evergy has already released 400 transmission and distribution line and 100 vegetation contractors to help restore power in the New Orleans area.

The Platte-Clay Electric Cooperative is also scrambling resources to help.

Photos: Hurricane Ida damage

“Unfortunately, the infrastructure is broken down in New Orleans,” said Dave Deihl, CEO of the Coop. “And it’s going to take probably several weeks, if not months, to get that all back up and operating like it was before the hurricane.”

The Platte-Clay Electric Cooperative will send four linemen and three trucks to assist with recovery efforts in southern Louisiana.

“We believe it’s important for electric cooperatives to assist each other in times of need,” Deihl said. “Our employees have once again stepped up to the plate to take on the difficult task of restoring power to a  heavily damaged community, just as others have done for us in the past when our cooperative faced extensive damage from natural disasters.”

Meanwhile, Evergy plans to send addition crews at 8 a.m. on Tuesday morning from its location at 8619 Prospect in Kansas City.

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