‘I put a lot of time into this’: Jody Fortson cherishes finally making Chiefs roster


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — For many NFL hopefuls, the final day of roster cuts is a tough experience as some see their opportunities closed with a team they’ve been working with all summer.

Wide receiver turned tight end Jody Fortson knowns very well what getting cut feels like.

In 2019 and 2020, Fortson was cut from the Kansas City Chiefs active roster and placed on the practice squad. This offseason, he made the transition to tight end where his big frame and speed could create mismatches and the work paid off.

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“God is good. I put a lot of time into this. There were a lot of days where I thought this wouldn’t come,” Fortson said. “But I just stayed true to it and kept working and here we are. I know its so much more work to do, but I was told to take my small victories too and cherish them.”

Fortson showed flashes of his ability in the preseason, hauling in 10 yards per catch and featuring in 4-tight end packages.

“I feel like there’s nothing I can’t do. I feel like you can put me anywhere,” Fortson said.

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The undrafted Valdosta State product said making the active roster is just the first step toward reaching his goals.

“I don’t have the mindset that I’ve made it,” Fortson said. “This is ultimately a step in the right direction. This isn’t the dream, this isn’t my end goal. I have plans I have dreams and I plan to see them through.”

As the Chiefs continue to cut their roster down to the required 53, many players will look for new teams, look for practice squads, or even quit playing altogether.

For those who still seek their place in the league, Fortson says it’s not easy, but it will be worth it.

“You work hard all camp, all offseason to prepare your body, your mind to endure these things and for it not work out in your benefit right now just yet, it’s hard,” Fortson said. “Especially when you feel like you put your best foot forward. But just continue to see it through. You didn’t get this far just to get this far. I’m a strong believer that it’s only pointless if you quit.”

The final rosters are required to be submitted by 3 p.m. Central Time on Tuesday, August 31.

The Chiefs kick off the season at GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium on September 12 at 3:25 p.m. against the Cleveland Browns.

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