Aggressive dog once again keeping Kansas City neighborhood from getting mail delivered


KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Problems continue for a Kansas City neighborhood that mail carriers are afraid to visit because of a loose dog that likes to chase them.

When FOX4 Problem Solvers first reported the problem on 83rd Terrace near Troost Avenue in July, neighbors hadn’t had mail delivered in a month. After Problem Solvers got involved, animal control paid a visit, warning the dog’s owner that she could lose her pet if she didn’t keep it under control.

After that, mail delivery started up again and we were hoping this problem was solved. However, two weeks later the dog was out again and, again, had a mail carrier on the run.

“The dog started charging at him,” said neighbor Teri Huffman, who said she witnessed the encounter.
“He called the supervisor to come out here, and she came out and said, ‘We’re stopping the mail.’“

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That meant Huffman, who uses a walker and can’t drive, has to find someone to bring her to the post office on Troost to pick up her mail.

Another neighbor complained that since the post office stopped delivering, the only time she can get her mail is on Saturday when she’s off work and has time to drive to the post office.

“We are all just fed up,” Huffman told Problem Solvers. “Obviously, this is the second time you guys have had to come out.”

The dog’s owner, who is renting the home, wouldn’t talk to us, but a family member denied that the dog is a problem – that’s despite complaints from neighbors and postal workers.

Problem Solvers called animal control to see what more could be done to get the dog under control and help this neighborhood get back its mail delivery.

A spokeswoman for animal control said it has recommended to the city prosecutor that the dog’s owner be cited for allowing the dog to run at large.

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To help build its case, animal control has encouraged anyone who has seen the dog running loose to contact them and provide a statement. Ultimately, those statements and a city citation could possibly result in the dog being removed from the home.

The post office said if the dog continues to threaten its employees, it might be forced to permanently stop door-to-door delivery. In that case, neighbors would eventually get their mail from a cluster box or in curbside boxes, which can be filled without having to leave the mail truck.


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