Samaritan’s Purse sends fleet of Hurricane Ida relief vehicles to the Gulf


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – As Tropical Storm Ida peels across the gulf states dropping massive amounts of rain, help for communities flooded and without power is standing by. North Carolina mission, Samaritans Purse says the disaster relief team deployed a fleet of 18-wheelers and other trucks to bring supplies and volunteers to the flooded areas in the gulf.

“We keep in contact with emergency management and other volunteer organizations. We make all those connections and have church partners in the area that we depend on and have what we need as far as the equipment,” said Bruce Poss, Director of North America missions. He told Fox 46 Samaritans Purse is active in many communities around the country in need.

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“[Samaritans Purse] respond across the continent and are in the US. right now. We are in California, Michigan, Tennessee and here in North Carolina after the flooding.”

Poss says the group is familiar with Gulf states and the unique challenges hurricane recovery brings, including the sometimes impossible task of finding electricity.

“It’s familiar territory, unfortunately. We will deal with the situation that’s given to us. We are dependent on municipalities to make sure the roads are clear. But we have generators so that when we go in, the power won’t be a problem.”

As heavy machinery like chainsaws, excavators, and dehumidifiers are ready to bring some relief to the people living along heavy hit areas of the Gulf, especially in Louisiana. Poss wants people to know, the help they give Samaritans Purse goes straight to disaster recovery. Besides donations, the one thing he can ask for is prayers.

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“We need to pray for the people of Louisiana who’ve had multiple disasters. We have an ongoing re-build in the Lake Charles area. But, the money that’s given to Samaritans Purse is in direct support of those people affected by Ida.”


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