Jackson County prosecutor files motion to free Kevin Strickland from prison


JACKSON COUNTY, Mo. — Jackson County prosecutor Jean Peters Baker has filed a motion to free Kevin Strickland from a Missouri prison.

Most of us have heard the famous quotation that ‘injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.’ Kevin Strickland stands as our own example of what happens when a system set to be just, just gets it terribly wrong.

The Missouri General Assembly and Gov. Parson deserve credit for creating a new legal avenue for a local prosecutor to seek relief. Making it possible for an officer of the court to stand before a judge and argue to correct a grave wrong is a system of justice we can all stand behind.

We look forward to presenting our evidence in the same courtroom where Mr. Strickland was convicted. 

Statement from Jean Peters Baker

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The passing of Senate Bill 53 allowed for prosecutors to go before judges and have convictions reversed. The law went into effect on August 28.

Peters Baker thanked Governor Mike Parson for the passing of the bill and said she is ready to present the evidence to free Strickland after 43 years.

Strickland was arrested when he was 18 for a shooting death in 1978.

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