Ameren to send mutual aid support to region impacted by Hurricane Ida



EAST PEORIA, Ill. (Heart of Illinois ABC) – The monster Hurricane Ida made landfall in southern Louisiana at 11:55 AM Sunday, August 29th, on the 16th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Much of the region has been destroyed once again and electricity is nearly non-existent in much of the region. The Hurricane, which made landfall as a category 4, moved very slowly and weakened just as slowly. Slamming the Mississippi River Delta with 150 mile per hour wind for hours at a time.

Reports coming out of the Bayou State show the entire city of New Orleans without power as all eight transmission lines that provided the city with volts were taken out by the storm.

Ameren Illinois, as well as Ameren Missouri, are planning to send mutual aid support teams to the region to help restore power as quickly as possible. This being an even more crucial mission as hospitals in the region are filled with critical COVID-19 patients, relying on generators.

George Justice, Vice President of Electrical Operations with Ameren Illinois spoke with us today about what they are planning on doing and what it means to help other regions in need.

“Ameren Illinois sending about 150 resources to help. We’re working closely with our sister company in Missouri Ameren Missouri they’re sending a similar number of folks. Amarin wide is sending up well over 300 folks.” Said Justice. He also said that they plan on working in two-week shifts as the commitment may be a long one.

As for the transmission lines that provide power to New Orleans, he told us about how that worked and that this is significant. “Transmission lines basically run from power plants to load distribution centers. So the power plants that are outside New Orleans will have a transmission line running to New Orleans. And those transmission lines are very high voltage.” Said Justice.

Ameren will send the crews to the impacted region later this week. They won’t be alone as many teams from across the country will be joining them. Ameren has a long history of offering mutual support aid to regions in the aftermath of natural disasters.

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