Protesters push back against OSF Healthcare’s vaccine requirement


PEORIA (WEEK) – For some, the fight against vaccine requirements and mask mandates continues.

Saturday, a crowd of protesters were outside OSF HealthCare saying employees should not be required to take the COVID-19 vaccine.

Last month, OSF announced all employees will be required to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Since then, several people have spoken out, demanding a stop to the requirement and allow employees quote “medical freedom”.

Protester Ashley Wozniak says it doesn’t end with hospitals. They also plan to push back against schools and other institutions who are requiring the vaccine.

“We’re starting with the hospitals because they were the first ones to start this mandate. We’re hoping, we’re wanting and we’re demanding for them to stop this mandate, to listen to their employees, to listen to other members of the community that want their rights,” Wozniak said.

In a release from July 21, OSF stated, the only way people can be exempt from getting the vaccine, is for religious or medical reasons, but those exemptions must be formally requested, documented, and approved.

Not only was the crowd protesting vaccine requirements, they also disagree with the Governor’s recent decision to reinstate the mask mandate.

“I don’t think it’s right. It’s illegal, it’s immoral. We should have our choice to do what we want to do. America needs to stand up for themselves. We need to fight. America needs to be America. We’re getting to be a communist country,” protester Judith Hall said.

In the same release, OSF stated this mandate is consistent with existing vaccination policies. The hospital already requires employees to get a flu shot every year and stay current with other vaccinations, making the COVID-19 vaccine is no different.

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