Road Trip: Father-son duo set to visit 16 baseball stadiums in 18 days across the Carolinas


GASTONIA, NC (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – It’s a trip of a lifetime for Tom and Mathew Burns. 16 minor league ballparks in 18 days between North Carolina and South Carolina.

“This year we kind of got greedy,” said Mathew Burns. “Decided to come to the Carolinas where we could see a lot more games in a small amount of time.”

 The men not only sharing their love for baseball. The original trip in 2020 to ballparks in the Pacific Northwest was canceled due to the pandemic. Mathew lives in the Bay area, and Tom lives in Hood River, Oregon, so this is the first time they’ve spent time with each other in two and a half years.

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“The chance to spend 18 days together it’s the ultimate bonding trip for me,” added Tom Burns. “I haven’t spent that much time with Mat since he was a high school senior and believe me that’s a while ago.”

Stop number two on this epic adventure, Gastonia for a Honey Hunters game. The two getting prime seats behind home plate from the team. Mathew threw out the first pitch, a one-hopper which drew a little ribbing from dad, but added another memory to a trip that Mathew is sharing on social media 

“Just to be able to share the love like that see people get excited about it, rooting for us as we go along the trip, it’s really cool.”

 There are still 14 more parks to go. More food to try, and of course more baseball to see. 

The sun is setting on this day, and both say the key to a truly winning combination is sitting right next to them for the ride. 

“The ball games are important, all the other things we are doing in the daytime and all of that, but for me it’s Mathew,” said Tom.

“It’s time with dad and be able to share all of this together. It’s phenomenal,” added Mathew.

 You can follow along the trip online at Mapping The Path, or on Twitter at Mapping The Path.


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