LGBTQ community finds ways to celebrate in Charlotte, despite postponed Pride events


CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – Charlotte Pride events are now pushed back due to the pandemic. Folks in the LGBTQ community said, they’re disappointed but they understand the importance of moving things back. However, there are places around town where people can celebrate Pride year-round.

Six years ago, partners Scott Lindsley and Joey Hewell started the NoDa Company Store with an idea.

“When we opened this place, that was part of the vision, is that we were going to be very open,” said Joey.

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Little by little, plant by plant, their vision turned into something more. It became a safe space for everyone to come exactly as they are.

“I have a very close friend who found out that one of her kids was trans,” said Scott. “A day later, this was the first place she brought her son. To us, it was extremely heartwarming that this would be the place she would choose to bring him.”

The two have been out to their families and loved ones for years. But, Joey remembers what it was like before.

“There’s always that fear, that you’re afraid you’re going to lose those people in the process. I’m fortunate that I did not,” said Joey.

“I’ve been out since I was 26. Now, I’m 52,” said Scott. “Wow, Joey. I never thought about that, but I’ve been out for half my life now.”

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The two have been married for 18 years. For the last several years, they’ve been going to the Charlotte Pride Parade.

“We actually took our dog, so our dog’s been in the parade too. He’s very open-minded, but he’s straight. He’s an ally a very accepting ally,” laughed Scott.

They said, they know it’s tough for many that pride was pushed back, but people don’t have to wait until pride to find the feeling of support they need.

“You find courage in kind of other people until you find enough courage in yourself to come out,” said Joey.


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