Kansas City man has been waiting on passport for over a year


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Dave Shever knew it would take longer than normal to get his passport because of processing delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. But he never expected that 18 months later he would still be waiting.

“I’ve been on the phone with them 41 times,” said Shever referring to the U.S. Passport office. “I’ve been on hold with them for over 120 hours.”

Yet he still has no idea why he hasn’t received the passport he applied for in February of last year. His wife applied at the same time and got her passport six months later.

All Shever has received is an email stating that there was a problem with the birth certificate he submitted and a new one would need to be mailed.

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So Shever called the Office of Vital Statistics in Kansas, the state where he was born and had it send him another one at a cost of $35. Then he spent another $27 sending that birth certificate by certified mail to the passport office.

That was months ago. Shever had hoped to take a trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with his wife but now has no idea if that will ever happen.

Every day he checks his  application status on the passport website. For much of the last 18 months it has said his application is “pending.” Recently his status switched to “not available.” He has no idea why. No one from the passport office will tell him. Trust me, he’s tried.

“I said I need to talk to someone way higher up than you and she said ‘I’m the highest you can go.’ She told me she could not talk to me about it and hung up.”

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Shever even called the office of Congressman Sam Graves. But no one there could get answers either.  
 That’s when he called FOX4 Problem Solvers. We felt his pain. Plus he had a right to know why he doesn’t have a passport.

Problem Solvers contacted the State Department, which handles passports, and explained Shever’s  predicament. We were told that passports are a confidential matter and no one could talk to us. But we were assured that someone would be contacting Shever.

The very next day, Shever did get a call. He finally learned that the 18-month delay had been caused by Kansas, which had never entered his birth certificate into a national database.

Apparently that problem is now corrected and Shever’s passport has been mailed to him. Hello Cabo!


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