ISU faculty member, who reported Jelani Day’s disappearance, says it’s ‘unlike him’



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NORMAL (WEEK) — An Illinois State University faculty member was the first one to sound the alarm on graduate student Jelani “J.J.” Day’s disappearance.

Director of Clinical Education Cara Boester said she texted Day Monday night about his coursework, but that’s the last she heard from him.

“He was actually suppose to come see me the next morning,” Boester said.

“When he didn’t show up, I texted to see what was going on and he didn’t answer me. I knew he had class at 1 p.m., so I waited for him after class and he didn’t show up,” she said.

“That is not at all something our grad students would do,” Boester added.

This is Day’s first semester of grad school in the Communication, Science and Disorders Department at ISU where Boester is the program’s director. She reported him missing to police.

Now, authorities are continuing the search for the ISU graduate student and Bloomington resident.

A big development came Thursday afternoon when police in the LaSalle County of Peru found Day’s car, a white 2010 Chrysler 300, hidden in a wooded area.

Bloomington Police are working closely with both ISU and Peru Police to track down Day, who was last seen on campus in the Bone Student Center Tuesday, according to the photo released by Bloomington Police Friday afternoon.

“It’s unusual,” Bloomington Police spokesperson John Fermon said.

“A lot of the things that are unfolding just seems unusual. We released that he didn’t show up to class. His family has been trying to contact him,” Fermon also said.

“This is a very concerning situation,” ISU spokesperson Eric Jome said.

“A number of his classmates have already begun putting up missing person flyers around campus and are helping get the word out about that,” Jome also said.

Officer Fermon said anyone who has information about Day’s whereabouts should call Bloomington Police.

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