Businesses React to the Return of the Mask Mandate



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PEORIA (WEEK)-Local business owners have 3 days to implement the renewed mask mandate, yet again. This is not the first-time mask have been required but, local business owners are concerned about the effects it can have on their establishment.  

“I started in November so I came right in the flux of everything. There was already a mandate then and there any way so it kind of killed the inside of my business and it never recovered” says Brandon Jackson owner of Wrap City Restaurant.  

He made it clear that he understands that mask protect people. Jackson plans to continue conducting business by following the fast-approaching mandate. 

President and CEO of Peoria Chamber of Commerce says “The reinstatement of the mask mandate is unfortunate it’s frustrating, none of us wanted to be here again. Unfortunately, the Delta Variant continues to be a big challenge for us and certainly for the Peoria Area.”   

Business leading admit the mandate may be a challenge but, a helpful prevention tactic.  

“I think we have to be mindful still, of the pandemic that it’s still something that we have to pay really close attention to. I think that over the last year and a half we have learned” says Dan Kouri, President of The Hospitality Association. 

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