Newsfeed Now: The nation mourns after US service members killed in Kabul attacks; Mother and child flee from woman wearing a ‘Purge’ mask


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(NEXSTAR) – Flags are flying at half staff today. To remember the 13 U.S. service members killed in Thursday’s attack. President Biden says that’s all the more reason for US troops to get out of the country as soon as possible. Biden said the U.S. will complete the evacuation of American citizens from Afghanistan despite the deadly suicide attack at the Kabul airport. President Biden also promised to avenge the deaths of the service members killed in the attack, but the Pentagon warns there is a very real threat of it happening again.

Around two dozen people gathered in Clovis, California Thursday to remember the lives lost in Afghanistan. The Central Valley Blue Star Moms, American Legion Post 147, and community members met for a candlelight vigil.

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The current health crisis is calling some health care workers out of retirement, in an effort to help in the fight against COVID-19.

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A Winter Haven woman thought her COVID-19 troubles were coming to an end when she went home from the hospital. Instead, it was the start of her grief.

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Janne Schultz has quite the story to tell. The 79-year-old woman was attacked — unprovoked — by a moose earlier this month.

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OnlyFans released a statement on Wednesday saying it has reversed its decision to ban porn. OnlyFans has become famous as a space for celebrities to interact with people on a personal level, as well as a place where sex workers can post and get paid in a relatively safe manner.

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A Missouri sheriff’s office received multiple calls about a woman acting strangely outside of the High Ridge Post Office last week. One mother fled to her car with her child. After they got into the vehicle she says she looked up to see the woman wearing a black and green full, Halloween-style face mask, similar to the one in ‘The Purge’.

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University of Missouri School of Medicine researchers are receiving $2.2 million of a $3 million grant from the U.S. Department of Defense to test a potentially life-changing treatment for millions with Type 1 diabetes.

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A robot-powered commercial laundry facility with an eco-conscious mindset is planned for a high-traffic business park in San Marcos, Texas.

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