Campustown Supply gets pushback for “anti-vaxxers are not welcome here” sign



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NORMAL (WEEK) — One store in Uptown Normal is letting it be known: if anyone is against getting the vaccine, they don’t want their business.

Employees at Campustown Supply, a store packed with Illinois State University materials and textbooks, have been getting a lot of pushback from shoppers for putting a sign that reads “Anti-vaxxers are not welcome here-take your business elsewhere” on their front door.

Owner Daniel Maloney said with the recent spike in COVID cases, he’s worried about those in the high risk group contracting the virus.

He said those against getting vaccinated are not helping stop the spread.

“I just feel right now we all just need to do our part,” Maloney said. “I think we all want to see a return to a sense of normalcy. And I feel that the best way for us to do that is for everyone to do their part if they’re able, medically able to get vaccinated to go get the vaccine.”

Maloney said he’s had the sign up for the past month, but it started to really get noticed over the past two days.

He said despite the pushback, many are supporting his decision to post the sign and said business is still going strong.

“One day, I had a customer come in and she said that she’s immunocompromised and that she really appreciates the fact that one that I have a mask policy in my store,” Maloney said.

Maloney wants to make it clear: those who are not vaccinated can enter the store.

“If someone’s not vaccinated, as long as they come in and they are wearing a face mask over their mouth and nose the entire time they’re in the store, they’re gonna be treated just like any other customer,” Maloney said.

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