Bradley University will comply with new vaccine mandate


PEORIA (WEEK) – Bradley University is the first local educational institution to announce that is will comply with Governor JB Pritzker’s new vaccine requirement.

In a message to students and staff, the university said it is requiring vaccinations for all employees and students.

As of Thursday, 65% of Bradley University’s students are fully vaccinated, as well as 47% of faculty and staff.

In an interview with Renee Charles, the spokesperson for the educational institution said the vaccine requirement will not be too large of a leap from the COVID-19 safety protocols the university was already implementing prior to Governor JB Pritzker’s Thursday announcement.

“Essentially, this doesn’t change much for Bradley, because our process already was that if you are not fully vaccinated or you did not submit your vaccination, then you would have to undergo regular testing. In essence, that is the same thing that is happening with the Governor. But, now that this is a mandate we do have to change the way we are communicating this so we’re letting our campus, our students, our faculty, our staff, everyone know that it is a mandate from the state.

-Renee Charles, Bradley University Spokesperson and Executive Director of Public Relations

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