Are mask mandates legal? What the NC Attorney General had to say


Are mask mandates legal?

North Carolina’s top attorney said yes, and so are vaccine requirements.

“An employer has a right to have their workplace safe for their employees and their customers. And if they conclude that a vaccine mandate of an FDA approved vaccine is going to help them achieve that, they’re well within their rights to require it,” said North Carolina Attorney General, Josh Stein.

Huntersville mayor questions legality of Mecklenburg County mask mandate

Stein said school leaders, county commissioners and local governments have a right to put restrictions in place, like mask mandates. He said it’s about safety.

“I know people very close to me who have COVID today, they were vaccinated, but because other people were unvaccinated, they’re spreading the virus around the state,” said Stein.

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Stein said, he doesn’t know of any plans to implement a statewide mask mandate, but there’s one way to guarantee it won’t happen.

“Now is the time to get vaccinated,” said Stein.


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