Family reacts to downed power line in their yard



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PEKIN (WEEK) — Some Pekin homeowners spent time cleaning up Wednesday after storms and strong winds Tuesday night led to downed trees and power lines.

One power line fell first onto a tree and then hit the ground in the front yard of a Pekin home in the 700 block of Eastshore Drive. Resident Doug Nolan and his family got a rude awakening around 10 p.m. Tuesday.

“It was pretty wild,” Nolan said. [The power line] fell out of the tree and the wind blew, and it caught on fire.”

Video captured by 25 News shows the line fall and spark with small explosions for around half an hour before burning itself out. Nolan says he was impressed by the emergency response.

“It was pretty quick,” Nolan said. “They got it done as soon as they could. Everyone was safe and out of harm’s way. So that was the important thing.”

Some neighbors say many, but not all, of nearby residents lost power.

The Pekin Fire Department tells us they secured the scene but couldn’t do anything until Ameren arrived to cut the power. The Fire Department received a dozen emergency calls Tuesday night and said about 1,000 homes lost power in Pekin alone.

Fire Captain Jamie Evans says being extra cautious is the best way to stay safe when power lines come down.

“If you see a line, you may not realize it’s a charged line or a hot line,” Evans said. “Treat all lines, even if it is a telephone line, as a hot line, and we’ll come on scene, secure the scene.”

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