The effort to save a historic school built and paid for by the Black community


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – The City of Charlotte has now pledged tens of thousands of dollars over the next few years to help save a piece of Charlotte’s history.

Adria Focht, the President & CEO of the Charlotte Museum of History said the new pledge from the city will help save a century-old schoolhouse that’s been forgotten as the city grows around it.

Between the trees and the apartments off of John Adams Road sits a small, rundown building. It’s relics that’s been lost to time.

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“I had never heard of the Siloam school until I started this job 5 years ago. It was right across the street from me and I didn’t know it was there,” said Adria.

The nails are sticking out.  The foundation isn’t safe anymore. But the small one-room schoolhouse was once an important piece of Charlotte’s past.

“This is one of this one of those pieces of our history that’s been hiding in plain sight,” said Adria.

Adria is one of several community members fighting to save the Siloam School. It was built it the 1900s during the Jim Crow era of Charlotte. It was an all-black school, built and paid for by the black community.

“The Jim Crow era is an era of segregation that is in living memory of many members of our community today,” said Adria.

Her hope is to move the building to the Charlotte Museum of History, where it will be protected and restored. 

“We will be taking the height down a bit so we’re going to have to remove some of the roof and the roof rafters but the building in its entirety should be able to be moved to our campus here in East Charlotte,” said Adria.

She said the school is a reminder of how history can be forgotten and that’s important to look for it and learn from it.

So far, they’ve raised around $660,000 dollars of the one million they need. She said that’s enough money where they can start to figure out how they’ll move it and look for an architect to restore it. However, more money and more support will be needed to make everything happen.

You can learn more about the school here.


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