StarMed expanding operations to treat more COVID patients and


CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46) – StarMed is getting more calls from companies mandating the COVID vaccine after the FDA just gave full approval for the Pfizer vaccine.

To keep up with that demand and to expand its operations to treat more COVID patients, StarMed expects to hire 1500 workers over the next six weeks.

Workers are getting a new StarMed site on North Wendover Road ready to treat 200-300 COVID patients a day.

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The new StarMed location will be dedicated to treating COVID patients with emergency-use authorized REGEN-COV, also known as monoclonal antibody therapy, that injects COVID-positive patients and those who are exposed with laboratory-made antibody proteins.

“It gives that person’s body a head start on fighting off a COVID infection before it really ramps up,” said StarMed CEO Mike Estramonte. “It’s already proving to be a game-changer and I think if we do this right and it’s rolled out across the county and the state in the right way and it’s done correctly, it could make a pretty big impact on decreasing hospitalizations.”

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Novant Health is now releasing the exact number of patients who are vaccinated and unvaccinated.

Recent numbers show 106 people in 97 are unvaccinated and nine are vaccinated. 67 people are on life support with 63 of those unvaccinated and four vaccinated.

“A year ago Regen Cov was available but not really in the quantities right now, so this is what’s enabling a non-hospital facility such as ours to be able to do this on a larger scale,” said Estramonte

StarMed’s CEO says the treatment is free for patients, but REGEN-COV should not be used as a substitute for the vaccine.

“If there’s a way to keep people out of the hospitals, keep people out of the ICUs, we’ll do whatever is necessary to help there.”


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