Goal Reached: Thanks to Central Illinois Blood Drive!



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The American Red Cross and WEEK-TV teamed up Tuesday for a blood drive with a goal of drawing 40 pints in one day.

And we ended up with 41!

We started at 11:30a.m at the Stoney Creek Inn in East Peoria.

The relief group is seeing a severe blood shortage nationwide now as postponed elective surgeries are returning.

And with Covid-19, we couldn’t hold this event at our WEEK studios.

However, it doesn’t have to take all day.

Your gift can be given in under five minutes.

“If you really think about the lives that you’re impacting, the patients and the families that you’re impacting with your donation, it’s such a short little thing that you can do out of your day that can make a really great impact for someone’s life,” said Caleb Liggin, a spokesman with the American Red Cross.

Thanks to everyone who helped us donate the this crucial, liquid!

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