Trash troubles persist around Johnson County, Missouri


WARRENSBURG, Mo. — There is a stubborn problem in the hometown of the Central Missouri Mules.

Trash on the sidewalk that just won’t seem to go away.

“I just want my garbage picked up,” said longtime resident John Zelazek. Thursday will mark three weeks since a trash hauler has taken his garbage away.

“I was out here with a sledgehammer yesterday pounding it down, literally,” Zelazek told FOX4. “My wife said ‘what are you doing?’ I said I’m using my sledgehammer to pound it down!”

Last week, FOX4 showed you some of the problems for homeowners in other Johnson County, Missouri communities. Delayed service in places like Kingsville and Holden. Over the weekend, we heard from many more of you in the same predicament.

Some Johnson County, Missouri residents fed up with trash piling up on their sidewalks

“I’m not getting any answers so I guess that’s probably the most frustrating part about it,” said Rhonda Poe, who lives across the street from Zelazek.

Republic Services recently consolidated services from a previous hauler. In an email, the company said the integration of the new routes has caused a delay and is apologizing for any inconvenience.

Rhonda Poe said she’s bothered but willing to ride it out.

“What are we to do? I guess we just wait.”

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