Parents unhappy with how Lancaster schools have handled large COVID outbreak


LANCASTER, S.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – 1,100 students and staff in the Lancaster County School District have been ordered to quarantine due to positive cases at school.

“I think we all knew that this was inevitable,” said Noah Morris. He’s a parent in the Lancaster County School District. 

His middle daughter Melody is one of the students and staff in quarantine in the Lancaster County School District. 

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139 are positive for COVID as of Monday afternoon.

“Our first-grader, somebody in her class-tested positive for COVID on Thursday,” he said. “We received a dojo message saying to check our email which told us that we had to come pick up our daughter and she had to be quarantined for 14 days.”

Morris received a voicemail from the Van Wyck Elementary School principal on Monday saying someone in his oldest daughter Aria’s 3rd-grade class is presumptive positive.

“Our daughter was not deemed a close contact and yet half of the kids in the class were sent home to quarantine,” he said. 

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Morris says he reached out to the school to figure how this decision was made. 

Allyson Fore’s son Truman is in Aria’s class. He’s one of the students asked to quarantine.

“So I had to go pick him up… but not his brother. There are 20 something kids and only half of them were sent home and now he has to quarantine for 2 weeks and even if he tested negative, he still has to stay quarantine another week,” Fore said. 

Fore and Morris both wanted to keep the other sibling quarantined as well – just in case. Morris says he especially wanted to keep both kids quarantined because of his newborn daughter. 

They weren’t pleased with the district’s answers.

“They told us that that is not an excused absence and that she would not be allowed to do that and that she was not part of the group of kids that’s being quarantined,” he said. 

Fore received the same answer. 

“We were not allowed to choose virtual even if we wanted to, so we were forced to send out kids back with no precautions, protocols, the plexiglass was taken down, masking was nonexistent, I don’t know what other option we had,” she said. 

South Carolina Schools can not mandate masks in schools per the Governor’s order. 

The Lancaster County School District says it encourages all students and staff to wear a mask, social distance and wash their hands. 


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