City Council discuss three new historical landmarks in Charlotte


CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46) — The Charlotte City Council convened for a packed business meeting Monday night. Aside from updates regarding COVID-19, and the 2040 Comprehensive Plan, the Council discussed three new potential historic landmarks.

The council adopted a resolution to have a public hearing surrounding the potential historic landmarks, which were recommended by the Charlotte Historic Landmarks Commission.

The first recommendation is the Brooklyn McCrorey Branch YMCA, which was one of the first African American YMCAs in the South. The old white building sits on 3rd and Caldwell, and unbeknownst to many, played a vital role in the Charlotte Civil Rights movement. Black Charlotteans were able to go there and participate in programs promoting racial equity during the Jim Crow era. 

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“I would love for my kids to know what really happened, you know, what our society went through. I remember there was a restaurant we couldn’t go to. I remember that. I remember riding the bus had to sit in the back. I remember that,” said Thomas, a Charlotte resident. 

Another potential historical landmark dates back further than anyone can remember. The last remaining slave quarters in Mecklenburg County are still intact on a farm off Plaza Road Extension.

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The owner wouldn’t speak on camera but said she thinks it’s important for this piece of history to be preserved to remember our ancestor’s mistakes. Councilman Braxton Winston agrees, 

“People don’t believe or think that Charlotte had plantation roots, plantation histories, histories of enslaved people that existed on the grounds that we call home, work, or play. Again it’s just really important to remind people where we come from and where we need to be heading,” Winston said. 

The public hearing to discuss these potential historical landmarks will be on September 23rd. 


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