Syringe found on Statesville man leads to drug stash discovery and an arrest


IREDELL COUNTY, NC (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – A Statesville man with a criminal past is facing new charges after being found in possession of a syringe during a routine traffic stop last week, the Iredell Sheriff said on Monday.

Deputies conducted a routine traffic stop on Statesville resident John Key, 35, last Tuesday at the intersection of Industrial Drive and Salisbury Highway.

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The registration on the vehicle was revoked and a syringe was found on Key, prompting a search of the vehicle.

Cocaine, crystal meth, and Alprazolam, among other drugs, were found in the vehicle, and Key was arrested.

He faces multiple charges including felony drug possession and multiple vehicle infractions.

Key has a criminal history including heroin and drug charges and alcohol violations.


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