As CMS is set to return, parents are nervous about the new school year


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – Procrastinating parents are rushing to Target in Northlake picking up last-minute school supplies.

More than 140,000 students are headed back to CMS schools on Wednesday. While parents are excited about kids returning to the classroom there are still some who have concerns about it. It’s a big week for students returning to the classroom and parents like Nicole Smith Galloway are excited about it. Her three sons will be returning to in-person learning this year. Her oldest one is a freshman and headed to a CMS high school.

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City of Charlotte, Mecklenburg County will require all schools, public and private, to wear masks indoors

“They get to go back into physical school. So I’m really excited. At home, learning was not for me,” Galloway said. “I’m worried about having a high schooler, I’m worried about, of course, COVID, and making sure that he’s safe. I have three boys of all different ages and sizes, and one of them has epilepsy.” COVID has kept some kids out of school for over a year now. She used a school list as a guide to know what supplies to buy. “We have to get all the highlighters, the composition books, the notebooks, the disinfected, pencils, calculators, all of those things,” Galloway said.

Jacob Johnson has his supplies for his first day at Piedmont IB Middle School on Wednesday. Along with snacks and other items to go inside his locker. With mask mandates in effect right now inside CMS schools and COVID numbers continuing to rise in Mecklenburg County Johnson says he’s ready to meet new people but still has concerns about his safety.

“Probably figuring out how they do lunch. Because lunch is probably dangerous, most dangerous part of the day with and without COVID,” Johnson said. Anyone entering a CMS school or getting on a CMS school bus will have to wear a face-covering and practice social distancing.

The district says they will be monitoring COVID numbers and keeping parents up to speed about any outbreaks.


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