S.C. man urges people to get vaccinated after pregnant wife hospitalized with severe COVID-19


GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – A Lancaster man is speaking out after he said his pregnant wife was hospitalized with severe COVID-19 after waiting to get vaccinated.

Jamal Chubb said his wife Cierra is currently fighting for her life after she contracted COVID-19. He said it all started when five staff members at his daughter’s sports camp tested positive for COVID-19.

His daughter contracted the virus and days later his entire family was infected with the virus, including his son and wife — who was nine months pregnant at the time.

While Jamal and the children healed from their COVID-19 infections, his wife’s symptoms worsened and she was admitted into the hospital with pneumonia.

“The worse part of this was at one point I was sitting with her by her bedside holding our son, Miles, and watching Cierra’s condition deteriorate,” Jamal Chubb said.

Cierras condition worsened and she was forced to deliver her baby two-weeks early. Shortly after, doctors said she was having trouble breathing and was placed on a ventilator. Her husband said when it became harder for her to breathe, the FaceTime calls slowed to a complete stop.

“She had he cell phone and would FaceTime me 4 times a day at the beginning, then three times a day, two times a day and then the last time that I’d spoken with her was right before she was put on a ventilator. The next night we didn’t know if she was going to make it through the night,” Chubb said.

Doctors said she was as close to death as it gets and is still fighting for her life. They urge other pregnant moms get vaccinated as soon as possible to not only protect themselves but also their unborn children.

“The babies also need protection, Dr. Helmut Albrecht M.D. at Prisma Health, said, “Young children can get very ill from this virus. Breast milk or getting these antibodies through the placenta or the umbilical cord is one of the ways to do that.”

Health experts at the CDC recommends the vaccine for expecting, breastfeeding people. Data gathered shows a disparity between races of those vaccinated. According to CDC data, 90% of Black pregnant women are vaccinated. Dr. Albrechet said this could put them at a higher risk of being infected by COVID-19 while pregnant.

CDC demographics data

Jamal said his wife was trying to make the best decision for her family at the time but wants other families to know that watching a loved one suffer isn’t worth the wait.

“People have been saying very kind things. ‘You’re so strong, you have so much faith, you’re so brave’ I don’t want anyone to have to have this level of strength, bravery or faith. I don’t want you to have to have it. I want you to be protected,” Chubb said.

As of Tuesday morning, Jamal said his wife is now alert and responding to commands. He said she hasn’t done that in a week and a half and he’s hoping things continue to get better in her journey towards recovery.


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