Parkville Days festival returns for first time since 2019


PARKVILLE, Mo. — Downtown Parkville was busier than ever Friday night, as guests turned out in droves for the 2021 Parkville Days festival.

It is the first time the festival has been held since the beginning of the pandemic and people seemed eager for a bit of a return to normalcy, even for a brief moment.

“It just feels good to be out and having fun and sweating in the heat and people smiling and kids laughing and so its been good,” said Joseph Sterling, who brought his daughter, Reese, to the carnival.

Vendors, like Pat Smith, who owns Keck’s Root Beer, said that the crowds were a welcome sight.

“You know, so far its been really good. We’re out here a lot earlier than originally supposed to start working, so we’re really excite just to be back out here and doing stuff.” 

Parkville Days runs through Sunday night. You can find a full list of of events here.


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