NC Sen. Thom Tillis breaks down while discussing work to get refugees out of Afghanistan


CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – For the second time, President Biden addressed the effort to evacuate thousands of American citizens and Afghan allies from Afghanistan. But some lawmakers are taking a first hand approach to the rescue mission.

FOX 46 sat down for an exclusive interview with Senator Thom Tillis to discuss his office’s efforts.

Tillis said veterans who have formed deep friendships with Afghans are hurting right now, and he wants to help them do something about it. Rather than politicize what many are calling a military failure by the Biden Administration, Tillis decided to help with the clean up. He and his staff have been working day and night, with the State Department, to identify and help evacuate Afghan allies and American citizens still in Kabul.

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“This is not a partisan scenario. At this point. It’s like how could we have failed so miserably? And how can we at least recover and do the right thing,” Tillis said.

According to Tillis, doing the right thing is getting thousands of Afghan allies out of their home country, where they would most likely face imminent death from the Taliban.

“But what we’ve done is through again, these brave men and women who are here, worried about their brothers and sisters that they served with and Afghanistan, as we find a way to get direct communication with them literally communicating on a cell phone with people in and around Kabul airport,” Tillis said.

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With at least 10,000 American citizens, and an estimated 50,000 Afghan allies to be evacuated, Tillis said Biden’s goal of August 31st is not feasible.

“I think it’s fascinating that the President would say in an interview earlier this week that we’re ramping up to five or 6,000 souls a day, they’re nowhere near that. Nowhere near it. So if you do the math, and say that there are 60,000 people, let’s even be conservative and say, 40,000 people, and you’re only up to a couple of 1000, maybe 3000. a day, on a good day, how does that match with August the 31st.”

Tillis argues putting that tight of a deadline on this rescue mission is not the right decision.

“As long as it takes, at some point, we may not be able to get everyone because sadly, some of them are dying now. But we have to get as many as possible. And that doesn’t square with an end of August date.”

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