Federal officials knew Cleveland County suspect was coming to D.C., according to federal court documents


CLEVELAND COUNTY, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – Federal officials knew Ray Roseberry was coming to Washington, D.C., according to federal court documents released on Friday.

Before a series of Facebook videos, and before he got on the road from Cleveland County to the nation’s capitol, officials reported that someone related to Roseberry tipped off local authorities on Wednesday, who tipped off the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The documents were released after Roseberry was arrested after an hours-long standoff in front of the Library of Congress. While holed up in his truck, he held several Facebook live video feeds, where he dicussed anti-government views, along with complaints about veteran care and health insurance, and his views on the Democratic Party.

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In one of the videos, Roseberry showed what he claimed was a bomb. Federal documents revealed it was actually a rusted can with what was described as “an inch or two of unidentified powder” at the bottom.

Federal officails said Roseberry’s actions led to a search of his home in Grover, which has continued since authorities were first notified Thursday morning.

“It’s normal here that we don’t see anything like this around,” said John Dean, who lives near the roadblock.

FOX 46 spoke with several other people in the area who said they didn’t know Roseberry, believing that he largely kept to himself.

“They say he lived right there. Lives right down the street from me,” said Dean.

Cleveland County man who claimed to have bomb near US Capitol held in jail

Roseberry’s trek to the Washington, D.C. ended in surrender, and landed him in court.

In Friday’s hearing, the Associated Press reported that Roseberry told the judge did not fully understand what happening to him, claiming he was missing medication. He also reportedly claimed to have been in Washington for a week, though he had been there only two days.

The judge presiding over Roseberry’s case has ordered a competency hearing and that he be held without bond. Roseberry has another court date set for next Wednesday.

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