UNCC student housing causing an uproar as management informs residents ‘the building is not ready’


CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – Looking at the East Village Apartments website and you can see why a lot of students signed leases in April of 2021.

Management promised the complex would be ready for UNC Charlotte move-in day on August 22, then four days before moving in residents got a letter saying the building was not ready.

“They timed the email perfectly so they wouldn’t have to address any calls last night,” said Andreia Oliveira, whose daughter was supposed to move on August 22.

The email giving two options, one, find another place to stay and receive an $800 gift card, or option two continue to pay rent and the complex managers will give a hotel room until the apartment is ready.

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“My daughter is going to be in a hotel room with someone she doesn’t know,” added Oliveira. “Someone that she may or may not be vaccinated for COVID. There isn’t going to be a kitchen that she can cook her meals or whatever.”

Andreia Oliveira says when she called last week the complex said she could pick up keys to move in and Oliveira is not the only person. 

On August 16, the apartment complex posted on Instagram saying only six days until move-in. The post drawing a lot of comments, one student saying, “Class starts in three days, y’all screwed us over big time. Give us a refund.”

Work continues at the property and parents are waiting to hear exactly where students are going to stay. They also want to know how the apartment management will correct the major inconvenience.

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“East Village is going to send out an email 24 to 48 hours from now providing all the logistics,” said Oliveira. “But 24 to 28 hours, that’s like the 11th hour.”

East Village sent a statement which says the past couple of months have presented challenges globally and locally. “These challenges include the impacts of COVID, material delays, shortage of labor and weather.”

They are working diligently but gave no date when the building will be complete.

“This is a huge step for them,” says Oliveira as she talked about her daughter moving away for college. “And you want them to be as prepared as possible. At this point I don’t think they are.”

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