Navy vet who deployed to Afghanistan helps organize 12-week recovery program for vets struggling with PTSD


(FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – Purple Heart Homes has a nationwide reputation for building and fixing up homes for veterans. But that’s not all they do to help veterans.

Scott Stevenson’s job title at Purple Heart Homes is “Project Manager,” but before working there, he had a different title.

“I like the water, I like being out on the ocean,” said Scott. “When you can’t see land, that’s a neat feeling to have.”

Scott spent 20 years in the Navy, deploying all over including Afghanistan.

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“It tugs at you,” said Scott.

The videos of people piling onto planes or children trying to leave Afghanistan are hard to watch. Especially when he starts thinking about a friend he made over there in 2006, a 6-year-old boy named Habib.

“I think the first time I did anything to kind of bring our friendship together. I shared some Oreo cookies,” said Scott.

Other veterans like Scott are struggling, with many feeling helpless as they watch the Taliban take over Afghanistan from a far. Brad Borders, the VP of Outreach at Purple Heart Homes, said he’s been hearing from Afghanistan veterans all week.

“A lot of our brothers and sisters came home with parts of them missing, there’s the hidden wounds that nobody sees,” said Brad.

Brad said, while they’re known for building homes for veterans, they’re also trying to build them up through programs. They just launched a 12-week recovery program for veterans who’re struggling with PTSD.

He said, one Afghanistan veteran had signed up for the program virtually. However, when everything started to unfold in Afghanistan, he realized he needed more support.

Concord veteran who served in Afghanistan getting messages for refugee help

“He texted me the night before the class, he was like with all this going on, he was like I think I need to be there. He drove all the way from Greensboro,” said Brad.

Scott said, he understands that feeling. There’s a general sense of frustration and helplessness among veterans he knows. But he said, though he can’t do much about what’s going on in Afghanistan, he can continue helping the veterans here.

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