Bomb plot suspect from NC claimed to have ‘decibel’ detonator on 2-pound bomb outside US Capitol


WASHINGTON, D.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) — People were stopping the street to pick up dozens of one-dollar bills strewn in the middle of First Street SE; a street that runs along the eastern end of the Capitol.

“Hey call the police and tell them to come down here and clear the Capitol. Tell them to clear Capitol, tell them to clear it. These f—ing people think I’m joking don’t it,” Ray Roseberry asked in the Facebook live. Roseberry had thrown $3,000 in paper bills out of his truck after he drove it onto the sidewalk outside the front doors of the Library of Congress.

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This screen shot from one of Ray Roseberry’s Facebook live recordings shows part of the $3,000 he said he threw out onto the ground outside the Library of Congress on August 19, 2021. (Source: Ray Roseberry)

People were grabbing the bills as Roseberry sat in his driver’s seat yelling at people to get out of the area. Roseberry said several times that he had a bomb in his truck.

“Hey, ma’am I’ve called 911 and told them to come down here and clear this f—ing place out. They need to clear it out because I got a bomb in here. I don’t want nobody hurt,” Roseberry yells in one of the recordings. “I don’t want nobody hurt. I’m not coming here to hurt nobody.”

Roseberry posted eight separate Facebook live videos to his Facebook page on August 19. The first recording does not contain any video and appears it’s shot in the dark. In it, Roseberry is ringing a bell. At 19 seconds into the video Roseberry starts talking, “Calling all patriots, calling all patriots,” the recording shows.

“Don’t make the wrong decision, Biden,” Roseberry said before the recording ends.

Subsequent videos show Roseberry driving near Washington, DC. The Facebook live recordings show Roseberry looking for a place to park and warning those watching, including warnings to President Joe Biden, that he wasn’t the only bomber in the city.

“There’s five of us here, Biden, and we came from all different ways,” Roseberry said in the recording.

Roseberry discussed his frustrations over how the U.S. military left Afghanistan and criticized the Biden administration over its exit strategy that handed the country back to the Taliban. He also mentioned his wife losing medical treatment over changes to the couple’s health insurance.

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“Wife goes to the doctor and she’s got cancer. And they told her they wouldn’t cover it no more because it was cosmetic, it was on her face. Cosmetic hell, they had to take half her f—ing nose off. Still going today, paying for it. Where’s your insurance at Biden? Obama? Where’s your insurance at,” Roseberry asked in the recording.

Roseberry mentioned he’d also lost medical treatment because his health insurance no longer covered his needs.

Ray Roseberry said in an August 19, 2021 Facebook live stream that he had enough explosives inside his truck to blow up two and a half blocks of DC. Roseberry said he had ammonium nitrate in the tool box of his truck and 2,000 pounds of coins to damage the nation’s capitol. (Source: Ray Roseberry)

Roseberry, who investigators identified as living in Cleveland County, NC, called his bomb plot “a revolution,” and called on others to join him at the Capitol to attack it, “All y’all people out there said, ‘It’s time to take a stand, time to take a stand,’ well motherf—ers I’m up here today. I’m setting the foundation. If all y’all motherf—ers want to sit at home and explain to your kids why you didn’t go up there, you can do that. I’m good with it, but for me, that ain’t what I am. I’m an American patriot, that’s what I am.”

Federal authorities closed down the roads around the area for several hours. The Library of Congress and multiple other buildings near the scene were evacuated. Investigators have not confirmed whether the four other bombs Roseberry claimed were planted in the city actually existed.

“Four more (bombs) and I ain’t got hands on none of them. They sitting in cars all over this f—ing place here cause you thought the south wasn’t coming. Well Joe Biden, the south’s come. The roads are blocked and I’m waiting on your phone call. It’s your call, you got an option. You can shoot me and kill me right here and blow up two-and-a-half city blocks and let all the patriots out in the country know—cause I ain’t here to blow nobody up, I ain’t here to hurt nobody. If I was I wouldn’t have told them to tell people to leave. I would have gunned this motherf—-er and rode it right up in your front door,” Roseberry said in one of the Facebook recordings.

Roseberry issued multiple warnings throughout the videos that a single shot through his truck window would detonate the bomb. Roseberry held what he referred to as a bomb in his lap throughout the recording in front of the Library of Congress.

“You shoot me, two and a half blocks going with it. You talking about a revolution? The revolution’s on. It’s here,” Roseberry said in the recording.

Roseberry claimed the container in his lap held more than two pounds of explosives. The video showed what appeared to be a detonator on top and clay packed around the top of the container. The NC man spent time in the recording showing anyone watching how the detonator worked.

“Works off decibels, you see that round thing,” Roseberry said pointing to the black box affixed to the top of the container. “I know you’re watching me. You see this little round thing, it’s speakers. These little wires out the side right here, they run down to these wires. This is Tannerite, I’m sure they know what it is,” he said in the recording.

A person is apprehended after being in a pickup truck parked on the sidewalk in front of the Library of Congress’ Thomas Jefferson Building, as seen from a window of the U.S. Capitol, Thursday, Aug. 19, 2021, in Washington. Officials evacuated a number of buildings around the Capitol and sent snipers to the area after officers saw a man holding what looked like a detonator inside the pickup, which had no license plates. The man was identified as Floyd Ray Roseberry, 49, of Grover, North Carolina, according to two people briefed on the matter. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

“I’m going to warn you, you’re in a lose/lose situation. Cause you crack a bullet through my f—ing window, this whole thing goes boom,” Roseberry said addressing Biden in the video.

Roseberry got emotional several times in the recordings when talking about his love for the country and his wife, whom he said he lied to about where he was heading. “I told her I was going fishing,” Roseberry said, instead he drove to DC with 2,000 pounds of coins and explosives in his black Chevy truck.

The coins were to be used as projectiles, according to Roseberry.

Roseberry asked to speak with Biden multiple times throughout the video, indicating his desire to negotiate. Despite the man’s claims “This ain’t about politics,” Roseberry asked “Democrats” to step down and said he didn’t care if Trump is never re-elected president.

Roseberry also asked Biden to resign.

“I’ll die in federal prison. You step down out of office, I’ll step down out of this truck. You go home, I’ll go to federal prison,” Roseberry said just before the final Facebook live recording ended. Roseberry’s Facebook account has since been deleted and the videos are no longer accessible on his page.

Roseberry’s revolution lasted about an hour. Photographs from the scene show Roseberry’s surrender with the man face-down on the ground outside his truck as multiple federal agents pointed guns at him. Roseberry was arrested and the bomb never detonated.

Charges against Roseberry have not been made public as of this report.


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