Police exchange fire, kill armed man after vehicle chase


PHILADELPHIA (AP) — An armed man suspected of shooting someone in an apartment led police on a vehicle chase that ended with an exchange of gunfire on a Philadelphia street and police fatally shooting him.

Police officers responded to a report of a domestic disturbance involving an armed man at an apartment complex around 2 p.m. in Middletown, a suburb of Philadelphia, authorities said.

An officer spotted Terrence Bey, 29, of Philadelphia, who fit the suspect’s description. The officer walked toward Bey and called out to him, but Bey ran to the back of a building in the complex. The officer ran after Bey but lost sight of him shortly before he heard a gunshot and glass breaking, authorities said.

The officer soon discovered a man in an apartment had been shot in the face and went to assist him, authorities said. Meanwhile, Bey got in a vehicle and fled the complex.

Officers from several police departments in Bucks County pursued Bey in his vehicle. Bey crossed into Philadelphia where a Middletown police vehicle eventually pulled in front of his vehicle, stopping him in a busy street. A Lower Makefield police officer then said he saw Bey pointing a handgun at him.

The Lower Makefield officer rammed Bey’s vehicle and took cover under his dashboard, and said he then heard multiple shots. Bey exited his vehicle and the officer said he saw him again point his handgun at the officer as he crossed the road.

Another Lower Makefield officer then fired at least one round at Bey that apparently did not hit him. A Philadelphia officer then shot Bey at least once, fatally injuring him.

Bey was pronounced dead at the scene. No officers or bystanders were injured. Authorities did not release any information about the condition of the man who was shot at the apartment complex.


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