Parents, school administrators protest mask mandate in Springfield


SPRINGFIELD (WEEK) — Parents and school administrators from districts across Illinois took to Springfield Wednesday to demand local control over masking.

Dozens gathered outside the State Board of Education building protesting Governor JB Pritzker’s mask mandate in schools, demanding the governor to let parents chose if their kids will wear a mask or not.

The push back now has over 20 schools on probation for violating the masking rule.

The public comment section of the board meeting stretched on for two hours.

Several school superintendents attended the meeting demanding local control of mask policies in schools. Among them was Morton Superintendent Jeff Hill, who said the district’s methods were already proven successful at keeping COVID rates down last year.

“That opportunity to meet the needs of the community and to meet the needs of our students and to take the next step for our schools in our communities has been taken away from us,” Hill said.

El Paso/Gridley’s Superintendent Brian Kruz feels the same way.

“What authority is going to be taken away next?” Kurz said. “What kind of decisions will we not be able to make for our kids? So I ask you to work with local districts to allow local control because we do care about the people we walk by every single day.”

A spokesperson for ISBE said they will continue to follow the CDC and Illinois Department of Public Health’s recommendations for guidance.

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