Peoria kindergartens got a sneak peak at their new school life


PEORIA (WEEK) – Northmoor Primary welcomed a new principal and new faces when they previewed the school for the upcoming first day.

Students roamed through the hallways and found their new classrooms and met their new teachers.

Marlie Heider was the new principal for the school. She led them through the day and shared first moments with students.

“The purpose of the event is actually to make them feel comfortable when they come to school, especially these kindergartners and a lot of those first graders who were not in school last year.” Heider said.

The year brought new changes for Northmoor, along with many of the schools in Peoria.

One of the changed was to comply with the state-wide mask mandate.

“We have plenty of masks available. We’ll have them at the front desk everyday,” Heider said

Northmoor adjusted their schedule for later start and end times because The high school, middle school, and primary school shared a fleet of buses.

The bus system started at the beginning of the pandemic for safety reasons but became due to the possibility of not having enough bus drivers.

Principal Heider said she believed her students would thrive despite all the new changes, but she has plan for how she would respond.

“It’s to keep everyone safe and that is a lot of the answers as to why we in the schools do what we do. It’s always to keep everyone safe,” Heider said.

The first day of school was Wednesday.

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