Newsfeed Now: US evacuations ramp up as thousands seek refuge from Taliban control; Mom on ventilator after contracting COVID-19 while pregnant


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(NEXSTAR) – The U.S. is ramping up evacuations out of Afghanistan as thousands of U.S. citizens and vulnerable afghans seek refuge from Taliban control. During a Tuesday press conference, Pentagon officials promised to have 4,000 troops at the airport by the end of the day to ensure a safe exit and relocation of refugees. Late Tuesday the Taliban declared amnesty In their first press conference, Taliban leaders promised to end the fighting and to uphold women’s rights under Islamic law.

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Hospitals remain packed around the country as well as in Kansas and Missouri as the delta variant of COVID-19 continues to spread. Officials at two health systems say the number of hospitalized virus patients is close to or the same as in January.

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A mother is fighting for her life on a ventilator after contracting the virus while she was pregnant.

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An animal rescue and adoption center found two cats they believe to be someone’s lost pet, but one of them has no eyes. Center employees say the cats have built a strong bond and never leave each other’s side.

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It’s the little things that can make a big impact on someone’s life. A Tennessee McDonald’s employee, who was born with fetal alcohol syndrome, received a small tip from a customer that he appreciated very much.

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