Iredell County residents clean up after damaging EF-1 tornado strikes


IREDELL COUNTY, NC (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – The National Weather Service confirms an EF-1 tornado with winds reaching 110 mph touched down in northwest Iredell County Tuesday afternoon.

The twister started in an open field off Massey Deal Road and made its northwest across the Alexander County line. The most severe damage happened on Waugh Farm Road. Uprooted trees fell in the direction the tornado was traveling.

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NWS confirms EF1 tornado in Iredell County on August 17

Trisha Palmer with the National Weather Service likes to think of herself as a detective, searching for clues about the severity and path of the tornado. FOX46 was with her as she surveyed the damage Wednesday morning.

“We’re solving a mystery. Kids love hearing that stuff,” she said.

The tornado was a spin-off of Tropical Storm Fred. The damage was not as extensive as one might typically associate with a tornado. A few homes suffered very minor damage. No one was reported injured.

“It’s quite often that these are very weak. They’re short-lived. They’re not on the ground very often,” said Palmer. “if we’re going to get a tornado with the inland remnants of a tropical storm, we’ll take it that it’s going to be very weak.”

But the cell didn’t feel weak to Danny Wicker, whose home was damaged by trees and 110 mph winds. Thankfully, he wasn’t home at the time.

“The garage doors are blown out from the inside like balloons. It was a tremendous force. Just tremendous,” he said. “I’m thankful we were not home when it happened, because if you saw the house, there’s red mud adhered to the house from the top to the bottom.”

The trees have already been removed from Wicker’s home. Now, he says he’s working with this insurance company and removing the debris from his property.


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