City of Concord helping businesses get people back to work


CONCORD, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – As towns across the nation continue to find ways to help businesses get employees back to work, the City of Concord hopes to extend their town’s banner ordinance will help employers advertise for jobs.

Prior to the change, Concord’s banner ordinance prohibited businesses from placing banners outside for longer than 14 or 30 days. The Cabarrus Regional Chamber of Commerce asked Town Board at their August 12 meeting to suspend the time limit to allow businesses to advertise with banners until five days after federal unemployment benefits expire. Town Board agreed.

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“We spend a lot of money and have contracts with all the online job boards. You can put up real estate outside of city limits, but the banners really let the local employees know, listen, you have a local employer that has an opportunity here,” said Tom Gibson, President of DecisionPathHR.

His staffing and recruiting firm helps match employers with those looking for work. He often helps businesses make banners that advertise for employees.

A lack of employees willing to work is a side effect of the pandemic nearly every business owner is feeling.

“I challenge anyone to go to their dry cleaner or their gas station, local coffee shop, restaurant…everyone is looking for employees. Everyone,” said Gibson.

Gibson believes that while federal unemployment benefits put money back into people’s pockets, they’ve also taken away the incentive for people to return to work. For instance, the Cabarrus Regional Chamber of Commerce reports there are currently 1,500 job openings at Concord Mill Mall alone.

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“You make a decision. If you’re getting paid $37,500 a year, or you can go out and get a job for $37,500 a year and work for it,” said Gibson.

Gibson says he’s happy for the win with the Concord Town Board but is hoping to get the banner ordinance extended even longer. He believes once benefits expire, people will trickle back into the workforce rather than flood it.

“It’s hard to see businesses struggle, but it’s inspiring to see our partners come together and try to make the best of it and make sure that everyone is successful,” said Cabarrus Regional Chamber of Commerce Director Barbi Jones.

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