‘Be aware’: Kansas City area mom, police warn of suspicious texts trying to lure in people


OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — An Kansas City area mom is warning others after she got several suspicious text messages, and she believes someone’s sending the same messages to others, too.

Police said it could be a scam, and it doesn’t discriminate. Adults and kids across the Kansas City area are receiving the messages, and they could lead to a dangerous situation.

The texts aim to pull on your heartstrings as someone claims they got stood up while using a dating app.

“So initially my first thought of course was, ‘Poor girl, someone gave her the wrong phone number.’ And so I just wrote back, ‘Wrong number,'” Niki Bradshaw said.

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But the messages snowballed, eventually turning into requests for pictures and a place to meet in person.

“They were very much trying to lure people in,” Bradshaw said.

Bradshaw knew something was odd and posted a warning on Facebook. Close to 100 people — even Bradshaw’s friends from New Hampshire, Colorado and California — responded saying they’ve received similar messages.

Some people even said the suspicious texter asked them to send nude photos.

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“Some of the moms said, ‘Someone sent it to my 12-year-old daughter. Luckily she was smart and came to me for this.’ And then other ones said they sent me topless pictures and were wanting some in return,” Bradshaw said.

Police warn if kids are involved, this could quickly escalate to child pornography, which is a felony in Kansas and Missouri.

Overland Park Officer John Lacy said his agency hasn’t received any reports of the suspicious texts so far; however, the Platte County Sheriff’s Office is currently investigating several reports like this.

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“What we want is the parents to be aware. Be aware of what your child is doing,” Lacy said. “I always say you pay the cost to be the boss. In other words, you’re paying for that cell phone, it’s your cell phone. So periodically make sure that you take your child’s cell phone and check it.”

Platte County officials will continue to investigate those cases. FOX4 will keep you updated as we learn more.


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