11-year-old girl shot in apparent gang-related incident


BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) —  A young Bakersfield girl is hospitalized tonight after being wounded in a suspected gang shooting.

According to sheriff’s investigators, suspected gang members opened fire on an unarmed mother and her four kids last night. The woman’s 11-year-old daughter was severely wounded and the gunmen are still on the run.

Kern County Sheriff Office (KCSO) said, a mother and her four children, between one and fourteen years of age, were driving in Northeast Bakersfield when the mom noticed they were being stalked.

Two men in a white pickup followed the family to the area of Jeffrey and North Tulare Streets where they attacked.

“Suspect is a white male multiple tattoos, there’s a white Dodge Ram, and there appears to be an 11-year-old victim that’s moderate to major,” first responder from a Broadcastify recording said.

The child who was shot was in the front passenger seat. The mother who drove and the three other children in the back seats were uninjured.

“Gang members don’t show any regard for human life be it an adult or children,” Lt. Joel Swanson said. “Shooting into vehicles, just randomly firing shots, innocent bystanders often get hit.”

Neighbors say people in these gangs are usually on drugs and will attack when they feel like it.

“Gangs and drugs go together like bees and honey,” Manny Carrizales from Stay Focused Ministries said. “People that have done this, have been intoxicated, under the influence of drugs and what have you.”

Carrizales said there are no rules anymore. Shootings happen to anyone and everyone now and it’s a horrible violent cycle.

“It’s going to take the community to come together and really strategize in a way in what we’re dealing with here in the violence,” Carrizales said. “I mean, 92 homicides it’s ridiculous.”

KCSO said the girl had surgery earlier today and is expected to survive but the search for the gunmen continues.


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