Synthetic turf fields grow in popularity during pandemic, Mooresville company seeing growth


MOORESVILLE, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – Artificial turf isn’t just for professional athletic teams anymore. The product is growing in popularity across the Southeast and a Mooresville company continues to see the benefits, even during the pandemic.

Artificial turf has a much longer life span than grass, but it still needs to be replaced every 8-12 years. The upfront costs may add up, but in the long run, artificial turf is often used for its low maintenance costs.

GeoSurfaces, which has an office in Mooresville, installs a majority of the artificial turf fields at major facilities across the Southeast. The grass is stunningly green outside the office, but a closer inspection reveals it’s artificial turf.

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It comes as no surprise that the company has its own product installed outside, but the installation was done back when the company had a bit more downtime.

“The demand for synthetic turf now has gotten so high there is no off-season,” said Todd Penley, Vice President of Business Development for GeoSurfaces.

Synthetic turf doesn’t grow, but demand has. It’s not just professional teams making the switch, public parks across the south are turning to turf.

“They like every other client, they are driven to synthetic turf for one reason and it’s just wear and tear on natural grass,” said Penley.

Mecklenburg County Parks & Recreation have at least 10 synthetic turf fields from GeoSurfaces, including one at Revolution Park that was damaged following flooding last year.

No matter where a field is installed they are all manufactured at the same place, in Dayton, Tennessee and Dalton, Georgia. That is also where about 90% of the world’s carpet is also made.

“Yes, there are very similar processes in making residential carpet and synthetic turf that goes on fields,” said Penley.

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Like carpet, turf comes in all different colors. Once a client picks a color, prepping the land takes about a month. The turf is delivered along with large white bags filled with black crumb rubber, which is brushed into the surface.

“All to give that system resiliency, safety, performance and everything else,” said Penley.

All the work gives turf fields a softer cushion, but depending on who you ask, it’s still unclear if artificial turf is safer.

“It is safer in many, many ways, but there is a debate of safety in relation to soft tissue injuries,” said Penley.

From ordering to installation it takes about three months to complete a synthetic turf field, with the land prep process and drainage taking about a month to complete.

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