Some local parents considering home schooling to protect kids from pandemic


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — School is starting back up but some parents are considering another route. They say home schooling their children would protect them from the dangers of the pandemic.

Alana Henry is a working mother, and on the fence about sending her children back to school. Henry’s kids, all under the age of 12, can properly mask up, but can’t be vaccinated.

“We just aren’t sure how to proceed, our daughter is supposed to start on Thursday, and were back in this predicament again,” Henry said.

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Henry previously homeschooled her kids last year but was excited to enroll them in Kansas City Public Schools starting in the fall semester. Now, she said she may change her mind last minute.

“You don’t know if the folks that are sending their kids, whether their kids are covid positive or asymptymatic,” she said.

Henry joins many other parents who also are considering homeschooling their children in the midst of the pandemic.

Last year, the concern of many parents was the pressures hybrid and virtual learning. But Henry said this year’s battle is much different, as parents now worry about issues including mask usage, and vaccinations in schools.

Becky Cumberland is a homeschool teacher serving the Kansas City metro. She said many parents a uncertain about what’s best for their children.

“They are concerned if they don’t wear a mask, they are concern that their kid will catch it because they cant get the vaccine as well,” she said.

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Henry said as she considers the option to homeschool, she hopes to find other moms with the same goal, as it’s her last option, to make sure her children stay healthy.

“It’s putting a lot of trust in a lot of folks all at the same time to really have your child’s best interest at heart and nobody can really do that better than parents.”  

Cumberland calls parents “superheroes” who are making sure their are doing what’s best for their children.

“It’s a fear about the unknown, nobody really knows what they are doing,” she said.

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