Newsfeed Now: Mother pleads for children’s safety as Taliban moves into Kabul; Health experts concerned over accuracy of at-home COVID tests


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(NEXSTAR) – Despite backlash from republicans, President Joe Biden is defending his decision to withdraw U.S., troops from Afghanistan. Yesterday the Biden addressed the nation for the time since the Taliban assumed power. He says staying in Afghanistan is not worth more American lives.

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An Afghani refugee living in Albany, New York is desperately pleading for her children’s safety after the government collapsed and the Taliban swept into the country’s capital, Kabul. She has been trying to get her kids to the U.S.for years and says the situation is growing more dire by the hour.

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Being outdoors is less risky but with the highly transmissible delta variant, there are precautions that need to be taken, according to health experts.

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If you don’t feel like going to the doctor to get tested there are at-home COVID tests and they are flying off the shelves, but doctors question if they are reliable.

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A UFC fighter has a warning for would-be thieves, don’t steal from others because you never know who you are up against. The athlete shared a wild surveillance video on his Instagram page showing him actually stopping a guy from stealing his car.

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A WWII veteran in California celebrated his 100th birthday by parachuting out of a plane.

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