Mask up: Some Charlotte businesses reinstating mask requirements


CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46) – Some Charlotte businesses are not waiting for the politicians to decide on reinstating mask requirements.

Central Coffee Co. is requiring customers and staff to wear a mask at both of its Plaza Midwood and South End locations 

“We felt as an obligation for us to not only keep our staff safe but everyone else safe who comes in here,” Co-owner Jimmy Kleto said. 

Charlotte indoor mask mandate begins Wednesday as board will vote on whether to make it county-wide

He said customers who show up without a mask will be offered one or will be asked to order outside on their phone. 

“I’ve always had one in my bag. There is another one in my bag too,” April Parks said while walking in Charlotte’s Uptown. 

Parks said she is onboard with wearing a mask at shops and suspects more places will start requiring them. 

“I think it’s important with the delta variant now we need to be vigilant without safety and helping others at reducing the spread.  I’m fine with wearing a mask, it doesn’t bother me at all,” Parks said. 

What is the delta plus variant?

Kleto said for the most part, customers have been obliging the newly unstated rules, but has seen some push back. 

“As any business owner will tell you, they never want to lose a customer but when it comes to health and safety of our staff and out community, if somebody is going to refuse, then I am sorry, there are other places that you can go,” Kleto said. 


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