Lancaster man continuing to get runaround as rain washes away his property


LANCASTER, S.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – A South Carolina man is fed up with stepping into running water every time he opens his door. He says the water is washing away his property and nobody is being held responsible.

“When it’s raining, I hate to come out the door because I get wet and have to walk back into a hardwood floor,” says Lancaster resident John Elberbee. 

His frustration has been building up since he moved into his home on Wylie Park Road six months ago.

“Water just runs down through here like a stream,” he said. 

Photos of Elberbee’s yard.

He’s been calling the city of Lancaster and Lancaster County for months and he keeps getting the runaround.

“At first, I called the city because I pay a city bill and utilities, I thought they were responsible, I called them, they tell me it’s the county. I called the county, they sent a man out who came out and looked at it and he said this is city property, you’re paying city utilities, this is city property,” Elberbee explained.

So he called the city again, who sent someone else out.

They told him it was old road maintenance and told him to call someone else.

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“So, I called the state, D.O.T and when they came out just checking it, he told me then it was a county road through here and said it was between the city and the county to fight it out,” Elberbee said. 

FOX 46 looked up the codes for the city and county, and nothing shows a clear divide of who is responsible.

So, while he waits to see who will fix the issue, his bank account is suffering the brunt of the problem

“At a rough guess, I’ve spent about $1,200 out of my pocket, bringing dirt in, trying to get people to help me spread it and planting grass seeds. And I still have water running through the yard,” he said. 

He’s bought over 70 bags of fertilizer and dirt to fix the problem and it only caused a buildup of dirt in his yard. 


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