Jupiter in Opposition this week


PEORIA, Ill. (Heart of Illinois ABC) – Stargazers and armchair astronomers will be looking up once again this week as Jupiter enters Opposition this Thursday, August 19th.

“Jupiter is in opposition. That means it’s opposite the sun in the sky, so when the sun goes down. In the West, over in the east. Jupiter is coming up its highest around midnight. This also means that it’s closest to the earth.” Said Nick Rae, Senior Planetarium Educator at the Peoria Riverfront Museum.

Jupiter is always visible in the night sky and it is often rather bright, however, it will be at its brightest Thursday around midnight. Rae recommends if you’re looking for a more immersive experience, getting away from light pollution. He said that the Milkyway is visible if it is clear enough and you’re away from the city lights.

“You’re looking at Jupiter through a telescope, it’ll be a little bit closer a little bit bigger. When you look at it just up in the night sky with the naked eye, it’ll be very bright brighter than any of the stars it’s always brighter than any of the stars. So it’ll stand out really well.” Said Rae.

This coming Sunday, August 22, you will be able to see the third August Full Moon. Be sure to also look for the bright Jupiter near the Full Moon, which will be a Blue Moon.

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